Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tiny Babe

Though these days are behind me now, I was inspired recently to pull out a poem I wrote while pregnant with my second child. I wrote this poem mere days before her unexpectedly premature birth. My niece, whom I've never met, is now pregnant with her first child and experiencing the flutters, kicks and punches that signify steady growth of her much-anticipated bundle of joy. I am able to share these milestones with her through the wonder of Facebook, something unheard of just 12 short years ago when this poem was written for my beautiful, limitless Lizzie.


Tiny babe alive inside me
each new day I feel your dance
Gently moving, stretching, turning
tiny fluttering feet and hands

What part of me will I see in you?
I sit and ponder as you grow
What potential lies within you?
only God in heaven knows

Oh, the joys that here await you
though the sorrows, too, will come
With my love I'll shield and guide you
my sweet, precious little one

Soon the day will come when I will
hold you gently in my arms
And you'll capture hearts of many
with your own peculiar charms

Tiny babe alive inside me
so much lies ahead for you
In this wide, wide world of wonders
The path you travel is up to you

I'll do my best to instruct you
in the wisest course to choose
But in the end I'll have to trust you
And promise to love you, win or lose

Such a rare and wondrous thing
this tiny life inside of me
I thank God daily for the joy
and love
and light
Your life will bring

by: Chere Poole
All rights reserved

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